Drinking Zen

The Taste Of Nirvana

What Is Drinking Zen?

Drinking Zen is steeped with pine instead of conventional tea leaves, and sweetened. Each bottle of Drinking Zen in hand brewed to order, and has only real ingredients.

How Does It Taste?
The taste of pine is pretty much the gustatory version of the the smell. Very soothing, and very Zen, and brewing it is an olfactory dream. Pine is an evergreen; a strong, and vibrant tree. Drinking Zen takes all the essence of the pine tree, extracted via brewing, and allows one to drink it into their bodies, without having to go and pick pine branches oneself.

Drinking Zen Garden

Pine seems to be a considerably overlooked item of consumption at the moment. In the days of old, the meat of the pine tree was used to quell hunger when food was scarce, and pine needles where also consumed as a tea. I also tend to use pine in cooking from time to time, to give dishes a certain flavor. Saute it in with some meat, and the flavor is just tremendous!

Drinking Zen takes a week to make, and is a process that serves to impregnate the water with the essence of pine, for a flavor that has a rich finish, almost like a light coffee.

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Original Drinking Zen:


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